The patented LivRing™ is an FDA-cleared, intravaginal ring that provides long-lasting (up to 7 days), controlled-release of a lubricating moisturizer to supplement the body’s natural lubrication and enhance the ease and comfort of sexual activity.

The LivRing from J3 Bioscience will improve women’s vaginal health and wellness by uniquely solving substantial unmet vaginal discomfort problems.

While ideal for post-menopausal women, the LivRing™ was clinically tested in women 21 years and older who qualified for the study. Women that will benefit include those experiencing the discomfort of vaginal dryness, including potential dryness from medications and certain medical conditions.

The LivRing™ is the only product available over the counter (OTC) that is intended to provide long-lasting (up to seven days each ring), controlled-release of a natural lubricating moisturizer. It is the longest-lasting lubricant that will be available OTC.

The LivRing™ contains no drugs or hormones, releases a controlled moisturizing lubricant, is long-lasting and effective for up to 7 days each, is safe, simple, and easy to self-insert, does not interrupt intimacy and spontaneity, and is intended for continuous, repeat use when each ring is replaced weekly. Clinical study participants reported very high satisfaction and confidence levels.

Using the same patent protected intellectual property platform, J3 Bioscience has programs in various stages of development for additional IVR products, including “light” LivRing, a pH balancing ring, and a probiotic ring.

The LivRing is expected to be commercially available in 2022. It is compatible with natural rubber latex and synthetic (polyurethane and polyisoprene) male condoms and FC2 female condoms.

LivRing Light™

The LivRing™ Light is a version of the existing LivRing and designed to be a “light lubricating ring.” While the existing LivRing’s release rate is just right for the majority of women, it was noted in the most recent clinical study that 17% of women may appreciate slightly less lubrication and moisturization. Thus, J3 Bioscience would provide two versions including one with a regular release rate of lubrication, and one with a reduced rate of lubrication over 7 days. The LivRing Light would extend LIV Ring’s market reach. The LivRing Light version is intended to use a similar polymer and slightly modifying the ring dimensions or components of the polymer to adjust the release rate of the formulation. J3 Bioscience’s patent protection is broad and covers ring variations required for the “Light” version. J3 Bioscience believes the pathway to market for the LivRing Light may be simple and quick, which is dependent on the extent of the necessary ring modifications, therefore, additional clinical studies and submission of a new 510(k) Premarket Notification to FDA may not be required.

pH Balancing Ring

J3 Bio’s next product in development is a patented, specially formulated pH balancing ring. The ring is engineered to maintain a healthy, balanced environment, facilitate the natural self-cleaning properties of a healthy vagina, and to help prevent an invasion of bad bacteria. J3 Bio’s development goal is for this ring to help maintain a healthy pH level and deliver just the right amount of moisture, due to its responsive design. The pH balancing ring also is designed to be long-lasting and self-inserted weekly. We will seek FDA market clearance for this ring after further development.

Probiotic Ring

The probiotic ring is formulated to deliver components of select probiotics to balance “good” bacteria and maintain proper vaginal health. It is designed to facilitate the natural self-cleaning properties of a healthy vagina and help prevent an invasion of “bad” bacteria and yeast. The probiotic ring delivers just the right amount of moisture and probiotic components, thereby protecting against the two most common vaginal infections: bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidiasis. The probiotic ring is designed to be long-lasting and self-inserted weekly. Our development goal is for prophylactic use of the probiotic ring to prevent the most common disruptions of vaginal health, as well as minor disruptions that may go unnoticed. Preclinical studies are ongoing, and once completed, this product will be ready for clinical testing. We will seek FDA market clearance for this ring after further development.

LivRing Advantages:

  • Supplements the body’s natural lubrication
  • Enhances ease and comfort of sexual activity
  • Long-lasting – up to seven days each ring
  • Easy self-insertion/removal
  • Natural-feeling lubricating moisturizer
  • Not made with drugs or hormones
  • Controlled-release
  • Comfortable, safe over long periods of time
  • Intended for continuous, repeat use (when each ring is replaced weekly)

Protected by issued patents (4 U.S., 9 Foreign)